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Dear Friends,

How are you abiding these days? I ask that because our Gospel text for this week has a whole lot of abiding in it. This is the description of Jesus Christ as the true vine who brings life to all who are connected to him. In just eight verses, Jesus uses the word “abide” eight times. It seems so repetitive. What’s this all about? It’s about finding life in those you live with.

The word abide can mean to agree to go along with or observe the rules and regulations. It has an older meaning of living with or dwelling. “Abide in me as I abide in you.” Jesus tells his disciples. It’s like saying: “live in me as I live in you.” This is good news for us, that is, for humankind. Jesus came to earth to live with us and then, when he left, he still lives with us. Jesus calls us to abide in him (to live in him) because he is the vine, the connection, we have with God. Godly living is not possible without connection to the vine, without being connected to Jesus.

How do we keep up the connection? How do we live in Jesus? We use the tried-and-true practices of prayer, studying the scriptures, worshiping God, and taking part in the sacraments. When we do these things, God grants us life through the Spirit that dwells in us. And because God abides in us, we live out that life by sharing it with others through good works (which do not save us) but which reflect our love for God into the world.

My prayer for you this week is that you take time to abide in Christ ever more deeply. Open your soul to the One who loves you, who came into the world for you, who died for you, and who lives now in heaven and still abides with us on earth. Be open to God’s leading this week. And may the God who abides with you also bear much fruit in you as you show love, grace, and peace to the world.

How are you abiding? 

Pastor Bob

My message this week is called “The Vinedresser’s Tale.”

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinegrower.” (John 15:1)