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OUTDOOR WORSHIP RETURNS Easter Sunday: Our outdoor, in-person worship services for 2021 resume starting on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, at 10 AM. Holy Communion using gluten-free, prepackaged bread and grape juice will be available. Join us as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus together. For a copy of the worship order for Easter Sunday, click here.

INDOOR WORSHIP SERVICES remain suspended due to the coronavirus. We will resume indoor worship services when circumstances permit.

Weller UMC currently offers worship services online and by phone.

The online worship service begins at 10:30 AM. You can find our online service on the Weller UMC Facebook page or on Youtube. This service is recorded during the week and broadcast each Sunday morning.

One other option to encounter God through worship is Sermon by Phone. We provide an audio recording of each week’s scripture reading and message. To access Sermon by Phone, call 240-288-1302. The message is changed every Saturday evening.

Copies of the sermon are posted as a pdf to the church website each week. You can access the sermon page by clicking here.

It all comes down to this. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a Sunday to the praise of crowds and the ire of the religious authorities. He trudged out of town five days later, beaten and bloodied, carrying on his back the means of his own demise. In the eyes of the world, he was finished. As far as the powers that were could tell, Jesus would never bother them again. That was Friday. Between those two days, Jesus suffered rejection by the very people he came to save, betrayal by his closest friends, ridicule from the religious leaders he came to teach, and mutilation at the hands of the Roman occupiers, who had the authority to kill him. Jesus suffered all this for the sake of people, then and now, who lived without hope.

Friday was a dark day. So was Saturday. But Sunday was coming. And when it did, a young woman visiting the tomb where the body of Jesus had been carefully placed a few days before, could not believe her eyes. The tomb was empty. She ran to tell the disciples, two of whom raced to the scene only to go away bewildered. The woman remained and became the first to encounter the risen Jesus. She returned to the disciples with the news, “I have seen the Lord!”

We travel the final days of Holy Week with Jesus. As we do so, we pass through the darkness and pain, reflecting on our own inabilities to keep faith with the suffering One. Jesus was right—all fall away. But God ensured that would not be the last word on the matter. God had the final word, and that word is life.

This Sunday we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We will do so in an online worship service with some special music and a message from the Potter’s Hands. We will do so in person as we meet at the Weller House to praise God for the Resurrection of Jesus. And we will praise God in our hearts, throughout this difficult week, and into the light of new life that dawns on Sunday.

I invite you this week to enter into the passion and the celebration as we rejoice in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bob